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Services | Cheap Web Design by sosSTEVIE


Florida Website Design and Local SEO

Affordable Website Design Throughout Florida

I would like to take a moment to talk about the notion of “CHEAP“. As you will see throughout this site, I often talk about “Cheap Website Design“. There are times when this notion is misunderstood by some even though I fully understand what drives us all to look for bargains. You do it, I do it, we all do it. But there is a difference between a bargain and working for free.

I base my pricing on the number of hours it takes me to complete a task. My going rate is $140 per hour. It usually takes me up to 6 hours to complete an average business site. (This typically applies to websites designs which I design according to the initial conversations I have my customers during which they often tell me they only need a basic website.)

Make sure you don’t miss out on my current exclusive! The year 2020 is challenging and many entrepreneurs have to keep the expenses in check. As such I am offering a 50% discount on my hourly rates! But you have to act fast

Have a project you’d like to discuss?

We can launch a website to take your business to the next level.

It is important to point out that the estimated 6 hours cannot be maintained when customers then ask me to bring personalized modifications. 

One of the first thing prospective customers tell me when they call me for the first time is that they are not looking to spend a lot of money on website design.  In many cases, what that means is that they want me to work for a fraction of my hourly rate. As much as I want to help them get the best deal for their buck, it is impossible for me to work that way and pay my bills.

With offers ranging from “FREE” to Cheap to Affordable to the ridiculously expensive, it’s no wonder people are confused about how much they should be paying for their new website. (Or web redesign)

If you are interested in launching a new site, here are some of the choices available to you right now:

  1. Find a local web designing agency who will work with you from start to finish and deliver a cheap web design website that will WORK for your business.  (I’m hoping I can convince you to hire my agency!)
  2. Find an agency who will charge you up to 4 times for “cheap web design” (sometimes a lot more) for the same job. I work as an independent contractor for some of these agencies.  I know how much they charge.
  3. Throw the dice and look across an ocean (or two) to find an agency in India or elsewhere who usually promise a whole lot only to fall really short on what they actually deliver, including their cheap web design assurances!
  4. Call a company (who spends millions of dollars on expensive TV adverting) and trust that they will make good on their claim to build a website for you for free only to discover that FREE comes with lots of strings attached, not least hefty monthly fees.

My hope is that you will choose my agency for your next project and my personal pledge to you is that my agency ill provide you with a better website design at an affordable price.

When it comes to web design, there is no such thing as a-one size will fit all type of deal. We believe that our customers should be free to choose what works for their business as opposed to paying a fee that includes features they neither need nor want.

For this reason, we have developed a two-way-approaches which give our customers the ultimate flexibility and control.

  1. $699 WordPress Startup Package.
  2. Add additional features as you need them.

The above prices give you all you need to get yourself started and keep you in total control.  Have a look!

I offer website design throughout Florida

Design & Development