About Us

sos Stevie DesignsHello. I am so glad you made it to my website. My name is Jacques and I have been a website designer for over 15 years. I started designing websites when I was living in London, England, back in the days when Google didn’t even exist. I created my first website using notepad as there were no other website designing tools in those days. How things have changed since then! With the advent of content management systems like WordPress, it is now possible to create a simple website without even knowing a single like of html code. I didn’t set out to be a website designer and developer, it just happened that way as first friends and then their friends started to contact me for their own project. I have worked with people, developing their websites all over the world, in just about every industry under the sun. I have a background in Electronic Engineering and as such, learning how to code came easily to me. As a result I can develop websites using a multitude of programming languages and platform but I admit to having a soft spot for WordPress. WordPress is an open source content management platform which operates under an extremely secure umbrella. What that means is that WordPress is regularly updated to cope with security threats (people who look into poorly written codes to cause all kinds of mischief to a website). It is also used by million of people out there and … me! All the websites I build are customized to fit my clients needs. Because of WordPress, I am able to create professionally built websites for a very low price. My goal is make sure that each and everyone of my customers is entirely satisfied with my work. The happier my customer, the more likely he/she is to recommend me to others. I can’t wait to get to designing something awesome for you. Talk to you soon, Jacques
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