Website Design

“Jacques did an excellent job with our website. From concept to creation, we saw our ideas take form on our browsers and it was all that we had asked for and more!”  – Jen

Website Design: We do it better

Our development tool of choice is WordPress. In recent years, this ever evolving platform has become a powerful and user-friendly content management system and we can really make it fly. We also design websites from the ground up.

We build websites that are professional, easy to use and affordable. If you’re on a budget, our version of Cheap Web Design is all you need. I say our version because although cheap in terms of cost, our WordPress Websites are as powerful as you need them to be.

And… Built from the ground up you get to choose what you really need for your website, as opposed to what your developer might try to sell you.

Have a project you’d like to discuss?

We can launch a website to take your business to the next level.

This is our core business. We’ve been building websites that are designed to be both functional and attractive since well before the creation of google! And we’re good at it. The websites we create are based on a responsive web design platform which ensures that they will offer an appropriately formatted layout, irrespective of the device used to access them. Over the years, we have seen the advent of all kinds of buzz words, technologies have come and gone but our philosophy has always been the same. Design websites that are easy to navigate, tell the real story and encourage customers to ask for more.

Starting at $99, our Cheap WordPress Design WordPress packages are a winning combination if you want to have a professional website. Built on the highly popular WordPress platform they are a customizable and versatile content management system which will make the task of maintaining your website a breeze. If you know how to us a word processing application on your computer, you will be able to update your website. If you want to know more about our WordPress Website Design CLICK HERE.

You’ve probably seen the ads… Like this one:

– It all starts with a stunning website. Create yours. It’s easy and free.

If you think this offer is too good to be true, then you’re right. CLICK HERE to find how much you will need to pay to get this so called free website. (The page will open in another window).

There’s no such thing as free! People are in business because they want to earn a living. Large corporations who spend millions of dollars on expensive tv ads, use the “we’ll design your website for free” baiting technique as a means to wheel you in.

Why Choose Us To Design Your Next Website?

Firstly because we have been designing affordable websites for over 20 years. Our agency offers cheap web design that works for you, our customer, and not the other way around. Our services are straightforward and affordable and there are absolutely no strings attached. If you hire us to design you website for you, you’ll own it outright, which means that you’ll be able to do with it whatever you do. We can offer fast turn-around time which of course can vary according to the level of sophistication your site requires but as a whole, it takes us a few business days to complete a project, as opposed to the weeks and sometimes months other design companies may take.

How Affordable?

We can start you off with as low as $99. And you can build up from there. Every website we help our customers launch is fully responsive (ie. we don’t charge extra for a feature that you absolutely need). If you want to get a true measure of how affordable we really are, think about this: In the past 12 months, not a single one of our customers has had to pay more than $950 for their website. Even for highly complex websites.

Call my number: 954-817-6041 for a friendly chat in which I will answer any questions you might have and will try to get a clear ideal of what you want. I am not a sales person so don’t expect me to try and “close the deal” when you call. I’ll give you all the time you need to reach the decision that is right for you. Once all your questions have been answered, I will make my recommendation as to what website design I think you might need. Once you place your order, I will ask that you provide me examples of websites you like.

I can also call you at your convenience. My goal is to provide you with help and answers to your questions. Not to force you into buying anything.

Providing me with a clear picture of what you want is vital and I always do my very best to understand exactly what your goals are. This communication will enable me to provide you with a quality, professional website that you can be proud of. In addition to my cheap prices and professional services, I also offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

What sets me apart from other cheap WordPress Website Designers is the fact that I will not rest until you are completely satisfied with my work… Or I will refund your money, something which in all my years in this industry I have never been asked to do.

We Transform Ideas Into Clients

A winning website is one that is well designed, has the right amount of technology, high impact graphics and is produced according to the search engines unique.

When I first started designing websites, back in 1996, notepad was my tool of choice for designing HTML pages, Scarlett Johansson was 12 years old, the web browser of choice was Netscape Navigator and the major search engines were called Excite, Alta Vista and Infoseek. Google didn’t even exist back then.Fast forward nearly two decades, (and several hundred websites later), it is fair to say that I have gained an expertise when it comes to designing successful websites that work the way they’re supposed to work.

Throughout these years, technologies have come and gone, Goggle has become the predominant search engine, and social media has blossomed into a market that produces as much traffic as any of the search engines do.

As web designers with a combined experience of nearly forty years, we can provide affordable websites and graphic designs to those who may be on a tight budget, as well as those who need a more complex online presence.

I work with WordPress, Joomla, html5 and CSS3 as well as eCommerce platforms.

What You Can Expect With Every Design!

Responsive web designProfessionalism

I’ve been designing Web Sites for nearly 20 years now… And there is a good reason why I have been in business for so long: I love what I do. I love talking to a client for the first time, getting to know him/her a little and start crafting a website that I would use myself.

From the very first phone call to the delivery time to the time after that when I get complimented for my good work… All these are reasons why I love what I do for a living.

Talk to me BEFORE you hire me

I believe in customer service! As such, I will welcome the opportunity to talk to you personally so that I may understand your business a little better. As such, before you hire me, I would love to offer you a free 15-minute consultation so that we may learn a little more about each other and more importantly so that I may learn about the goals and expectations you have for your website. I PROMISE… Not to put you under any pressure to buy anything. I am not a salesman, and I don’t work on commission. I am probably a lot like the majority of small business owners out there, working hard to build a business because my customers believe in me rather than in a sales pitch

Successful Sites

Here’s how it works. If you have not managed to appeal to your customers within the first few seconds of his/her visit, chances that client is already lost to you. The right combination of colors, responsiveness, layout and navigation is crucial when designing a successful website. Within the guidelines you have set for me, I will design an awesome site that will look great!


Across the USA, the going rates for a professional web design average $2000 and more. In some cases, asking prices are in the thousands!!! Not with me. Indeed when you to hire me, I’ll design a website for you that be just as professional but instead of paying a fortune, I can get you an awesome yet cheap web design starting at $99.

Many Wed Designers can create a professional presence on the internet for their customers. We go a step further and design AWESOME websites. We want to do this for you and we can make you a deal that won’t eat up your budget.