SEO-articlesI’m Jacques, a website developer and freelance writer extraordinaire.  Well not exactly “extraordinaire’ but I have been writing articles for a multitude of websites for more than 20 years and I am pretty darned good at what I do.  Not only that… As a  15 years web developer veteran, I have acquired an exceptional understanding of the most relevant SEO requirements (those that actually work) and use that knowledge in my articles in order to rank well on Google and other search engines.

Let me give you an example of how well I understand the importance of SEO in my articles. I’ll actually give you two examples, and you can verify them with me.

Lots of my clients call me and invariably, one of the very first things they tell me is that they don’t really want to hire a website designer. It’s such a recurrent theme that a couple of months ago, I wrote an article about it:

If you want a successful online business, don’t hire a website designer.

Now, go to google and type the above sentence in the search box:

Here’s what you’ll get (as of March 9th, 2016).  Notice the third listing?  Yes… It’s my article

successful online business

You can check it by clicking HERE.

And then, I wrote this article listing the opposite view:

Five Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Get A Free Website

Go to google again, type the above sentence and here’s what you get! And this time, my article is number one!


You can check it by clicking HERE.

Creating a successful online business is hard enough, without spending hours writing articles that are well written, well researched and designed to rank well on Google.

I want to do that for you.

My freelance article writing service usually costs $35 per article.  But in order to earn your trust and establish a long and successful relationship with you, here’s my special offer:

I will write a 500 words article of fully researched content for just $25

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