Cheap Website Design

If your web design budget is limited, I have the ideal package just for you to get you on your way. And it’s a lot less than you might think. A whole lot less in fact.

We Can Get you Online with Our Affordable Web Design Start-Up Deal.

This is our most basic offer. Any cheaper and would be practically free. You will need some understanding of how WordPress works to take full advantage of it.

Note: You will need some understanding of how WordPress works to take full advantage of this deal.

What do you get for $99?

  1. One year hosting (The average price for good quality hosting is well over $120 per year)
  2. WordPress Installation

Who is this offer for? A hands-on person who has a basic understanding of web design, content creation, file uploading etc… And time! (The average development time for do-it-yourselves with an adequate knowledge of website design is over 4 weeks.)

But it doesn’t end there. What if you want more but still want to create your own site.

That’s what makes this offer so special. We can help you design your own site to look awesome. To that end we offer any of the following features at cost price so that you may incorporated them into your site and make it look even more professional:

  • We’ll install the 7 plugins all successful websites must have
  • A whiteboard animation
  • An animated banner
  • A Logo
  • A static banner
  • An image or Video Gallery
  • An online Store
  • Monthly Security Software Updates

Get Started Today – Check our online calculator – See you easy to build your website – Or call us for a chat


Unlike other website design agencies out there, you will own your website outright and will be free to do with it whatever you please.

Unlike other website design agencies out there, you will own your website outright and will be free to do with it whatever you please.

* Required
The Basic Package is an excellent choice if you are looking for a simple, yet professional online presence. You’ll receive a quality website that can be easily expanded as your demands grow. Make no mistake about this package. I will build it to YOUR specifications on a private link on the internet that only you will know about it. Once my design is complete and you approve it, then I will upload all of your content for each of the pages. If you don’t have content, (article, images..) please let me know and I will be able to assist you.You will be able to view the progress as I build your site. Once it is completed, you will be able to make any necessary corrections/edits/revisions by email and I will be more then happy to implement your changes.

I will only ever ask you for payment when you have approved the site. After that, I will post your site live to your domain name.


Complete WordPress Setup – I’ll handle the entire setup of WordPress and ensure all of your administration settings are set for optimal website performance and usage.

Basic Custom Design for up to 5 pages – I will build up to 5 pages of content for you. You can submit your articles, images and or videos by email

SEO for up to 5 pages – I will optimize your site with up to the 5 keywords you will have provided me to that you may be found by the search engines. The choosing of the right keyword is an important step. Let me know if you want some help with that as I offer an inexpensive keyword research service as well.

Simple contact form – I will build a contact form to include 4 custom input fields (Name, Email, Phone, Message). The content of this email form will then be routed over to the email of your choice.

Logo Integration – I will include a logo you have provided me into your website. If you don’t have a logo yet, I can design a basic one for you for just $35

Google Sitemap – I will create a Google Sitemap for your website. When Google sends an automated bot to visit a site, a Google XML Sitemap will enable it to find all the pages within the web site much faster. Any update that you make to your site is then reflected in that sitemap which is then picked up by Google on its next visit. The more updates you make to your site the better as it will indicate to Google that your site is active in terms of content update. Most most search engines make use of websites sitemap.

Responsive – I will design you site so that it is fully responsive which means that your website will automatically adapt to mobile devices, tablets, laptops and desktop computers

Free Hosting For One Year – This is an optional offer. If you already have hosting with another company, we will gladly publish your site over to that server.

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